In which Laz takes a late night train.

31 01 2011

Musing upon the world from my plastic London Midland train carriage my eyes accidently make contact with the Train Mentalist, who was storming up and down the train like a man with a demented plan.
This plan now deviated so he could sit across from me. Bugger.
But fear not, I have a cunning plan!
I cleverly shut my eyes and willed him away with my reality bending powers and by the time my train passed Cheddington there was nowt left of him but a crumpled copy of The Sun.
The Train Mentalist.

Life in the Big Smoke

28 01 2011

A packed train pulls into Kensington, people rush off. One woman however dawdles, “you can’t get on until I get awf” she exclaims.”Well just push me then” she continues, in danger of looking her English reserve.
Once she departs the rest of the coach titters.
“Guess she isn’t a regular on this train then.”

A dashing young social media consultant records this slice of Information Age daily life on his smart phone, partly out of boredom but mainly just to play with his shiny toy.

A thousand years from now this one blog post is analysed by posthuman data miners on a planet a hundred light years from the bastard planet Earth. Between bouts of monstrous hedonism and incomprehensible geekery the posthumans muse upon how cruel & petty their short lived ancestors were.