Police on Strike?

8 03 2011

Police pay review: officers threaten protest march over cuts

From the January 29th 2011 Student Fees Protest in London

Because I never grow tired of this picture.....

I’ve been on two big protests recently, both against the hiking of student fees and the end of EMA and at both events one of our many chants at the Police (at least one which can be recalled in polite company) is on the matter of “The Cuts” the Boys in Blue would be next.


And lo and behold they are! (source)

The Police, like all public servants face a massive pay cut at a time when living expenses are going through the roof and such cuts will be felt twice as hard. It strikes me as remarkably short sighted of the Coalition government and the Bankers who tug their strings as the Police are the only thing stopping the rest of us from storming Parliament (or my preferred target, Canary Wharf) and lynching the whole damn lot of them, Arabian style.

Of course violence never solves anything, (well not in a nice way) and the robber barons that live in this collapsing realm can still rest safe in the knowledge that the British public are two tame to actually stand up for themselves and redress the inequalities which we’re told are “just the way things are.”

Or are they safe? Remember any country is three good meals away from revolution and with the soaring cost of food and fuel (which have already caused the events sweeping across the Arab world) and the general sense of injustice of having to pay for other people’s mistakes maybe we could be in for a “Poll Tax Moment” on March 26th.


I’ll see you there, and I hope to see some Police Officers on our side of the March too. Hell, I’ll even share a bifta with them 😉


(Revolutionary Posing courtesy of The Chubbywordsmith)