A remake of Flash Gordon is about due….

23 12 2011

OK , how about this…..
Flash Gordon re-imagined where Flash is an agent of some Human Rights NGO who smuggles himself aboard a starship to Gilese 581 d  with the latest cyborg enhancements for a 21 year journey in hibernation.
When he arrives his mission is to find out if all the rumours of genetically engineered beings being used to amuse the bored descendants of the original l33t settlers (people from reddit, 4chan etc) in decadent and elaborate ways. A world of bubble cities in the sky (Gilese 581d is a super-terrestrial waterworld) one such city has a self proclaimed “Emperor of the Universe” who rules a mostly consensual monarchy based on status and sexual deviancy with an underclass of genetically engineered replicants who battle amongst each other for their master’s adoration and amusement.

Ben Fogle to star as the Peter Duncan character from the 1980s version who gets stung by the tree stump creature and dies. Any other actor suggestions welcomed (naturally Brian Blessed to reprise his role, but with a twist maybe.)

More to follow as it comes to me……

On the run in the 24th Century.

23 04 2011

Now that his cover ID had been used up getting away from the African Space Elevator Hamilton was an Unperson, an individual to whom the many security networks, financial systems and government records of the  Solar System did not exist. Though he had a physical body in the digital eyes of the society in which he lived he no longer existed. The old adage “if it’s not on the Internet then it’s not real” had never felt more apt then it did to him right now.

He was a blank, an anomaly and totally under the radar of “decent” society who preferred the lie that nothing fell through its cracks any more.

The dramatic crisis of faith in the methods and motives of the planetary security bureau which had given him a sense of purpose and dignity for well over a decade had been a dizzying fall from grace. For the first time in decades Hamilton Green was adrift in the currents of 24th century life.  In the space of a week he had become the kind of miscreant and subversive  who used to be dragged into his interrogation chamber, strapped to a couch and digitally mind-raped for information or reprogramming into a more productive and contented member of Terran society.

If he weren’t careful he would be back to where he was all those years ago in his naive and direction-less youth, sleeping under a heat exchange pipe for warmth and having to suckle from a hacked nutrient feed hose for sustenance. In making a stand for what he thought was right and turning his back on his friends and colleagues who no doubt would be hunting him down as he hurried away from the busy crowds of the local transit station Hamilton had thrown away all that he had built up since those dark and dangerous times in the forgotten slums of Earth.

He needed a place to stay and figure out his next move. With being an unperson without ID he couldn’t hop into the local hotel. Thankfully his past had given him a feral foresight in taking advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves. Buried in a hidden file within the portable bespoke data drive encased in one of his teeth was a  sack of digital cash, ideal for the traveller who wanted no questions asked and left no footprint for the AI’s to sniff out.

His many years of shifting through the secrets and plots of the misguided romantics and raging mentalists who plotted and conspired to overthrow the status quo of Earth had given him an insight into how to avoid detection from the omnipresent security of Terra and her allies throughout the Solar System.

Swaggering through the minds of those unfortunates brought drugged and confused into one of the many secret facilities the security agencies had for such a purpose Hamilton was cunning and paranoid enough to make a private note of how staying off grid was possible. When his supervisors weren’t looking (or so he hoped) data, contacts and sometimes even personal effects were squirrelled away for a rainy day, for when the balloon went up and everything came crashing down around him.

He was sure he wasn’t the only one of his peers who did it, no-one really trusted the state to protect them should politics turn against them. Maybe the true ideologues believed in all the rhetoric but for most of his co-workers for whom their work was just a job (albeit one with many perks) paranoia and distrust was as part of their lives as office gossip and a cocktail of narcotics to wash away the sins of the day.

As we weaved his way through the rush hour foot traffic of whichever anodyne and characterless city he had randomly arrived at Hamilton recalled how seven years ago he was involved in the debriefing of the head memeticist for the deep green genocide sect “End Humans Now!”

She was one of the true fanatics, who couldn’t be bought off or otherwise “persuaded” that her actions and beliefs were just not acceptable for a crowded world with the illusion of affluence. Somehow, and even after the first few terrorist attacks her organisation had inflicted on the 10 billion drones of Earth she had managed to stay off the grid. For months her  webcasts were cast adrift on the meme-currents of the Solar System internet and despite recording her tirades against modern life and how Humanity had become a perversion on a once beautiful living world in r/l nobody had managed to use the interior decor to track down where the mad bitch was preaching from.

By arresting and interrogating one of her acolytes during a peaceful demonstration outside the offices of high profile geoengineering company it transpired the demagogue had an arrangement with a local housing company with contracts to many offshore habitats in the Eastern Mediterranean.  The recycled habs were dynamic pre-fab towers designed for low income transient populations which grew and shrank according to local demand, stacking up piles of apartments with ease like a child’s toy.

Every few days a new hab was attached to a central tower and the ecoterrorist queen would move into it, taking advantage of the freshly formatted blank nature of the domicile IT systems. After a few days she would pack up and move her gear into the new hab next door and begin again, broadcasting and taunting to the “unbelieving” who refused to accept humanity was an abomination that should commit mass suicide (with her help if needs be) for the good of Earth.

The company who had hidden the terrorist was still in operation (it was considered too big to be punished with dissolution) and the individuals who were complicit were, thanks to nepotism still working in the company.

Once again Hamilton thanked the centuries old culture of corruption and indifference which the beloved mother planet still cling too. Feeling the effects of being awake for three solid days he snorted a Jaxx under the shadow of his coat to keep him alert and coherent. He was careful not to stride too much like a man with purpose as he made his way to an air coach station, the AI programs which watched the public like a hawk were programmed to watch not such people under the influence of barely legal stimulants but to spot anyone in the crowd of worker drones who strode the streets and corridors like their life had a meaning.

Zombie Apocalypse

10 08 2008

zombie apocalypse

Sysum : Terrestrial world near Prastoj which was predominately run along communist lines. The posthumans, for reasons known only to themselves unleashed a nano-virus which turned infected into mindless meat puppets intent on spreading the virus further. The zombie plague although not actually reanimating the dead reduced a persons intellect to that of a drunken ape by causing the death of the part of the brain responsible for higher reasoning and general self awareness (“I think therefore I am”) and also bestowed incredible resilience to pain and injury hence the impression that the dead had taken over the world.
Due to Sysums largely peaceful and communist nature the virus spread quickly as the average citizen didn’t have firearms to protect themselves and relied too much on the State to protect them. The government collapsed under such chaos and soon only isolated communities (some of whom were seen as barbaric and backward due to their survivalist nature before the zombie plagues) and the few colonies in space survived. The Spacers inhabited three torus style stations, a rudimentary space elevator and high prestige bases on two of Sysums moons. The few thousand who dwelled in space were considered the cream of the crop of the Party’s ideal, plus a few brilliant eccentrics who the State felt would be better placed away from the general population.

The communist spacers decided to sterilise the world using dirty bombs to clear the vast swarms of zombies, much to the horror of the few uninfected survivors and the odd weapon toting eccentric who hadn’t been placed under arrest by “emergency measures.”
Whilst debate hotly ensued in space down below the zombies had started to spread out from the cities in search of food , as civilisation collapsed there was no-one to resupply the government supermarkets or work the fields. During this exodus a dirty bomb was detonated over the most densely populated continent wiping out the zombies and many survivors too. The spacers were shown the error of their ways when a final radio transmission from an isolated community barricaded up in the capital of the continent was received lamenting the fact they had come so far in the zombie apocalypse only to be killed by their own kind.
After that tragedy it was decided to let things run their course and the planet was quarantined but for the ocean based terminal at the space elevator (although the survivor communities were eventually supported by supply drops from orbit) eventually the zombies , not being great at keeping a civilisation going started to die off.
In the following centuries while Sysum rebuilt itself the actual cause of the catastrophe was uncovered. Not only was the nano-viral nature of the plague revealed but also the method in which it came to Sysum in the first place, five “meteorites” that hit the world shortly before the chaos started. This fact and combined with Sysums now passionately survivalist nature (personal firearms were carried as a matter of everyday life and eventually became a fashion accessory) led to Sysums ascendance as a regional military power. When the wormhole to Mundessentlitz was rediscovered a massive armament program began as the Sysums believe who-ever was responsible for the horrors that had befallen them would be out there in the depths of space. Dominating the region (even defiantly resisting Mellard subversion) they eventually tracked down those responsible and led a powerful allied fleet to Prastoj in revenge.
After much preparation the battle was hard fought with the Prastoj only just managing to defeat the Allied fleet. The Allies even managed to infect the suspected artificial world of Artefact Terrus with a reverse engineered zombie virus (despite much public unease with its development and use) which had little effect on the posthumans and led to the Sysum alliance being shunned by the wider galaxy for using the verboten technology.
By the time the Community came onto the scene the Sysum Alliance though militarily strong had lost a number of its members and was in the grip of a recession brought about by the trade sanctions and destruction of much of its once mighty fleet.
In the interests of regional stability and having sympathy for the plight of Sysum (despite having reservations about its militarism) the Community has is currently working on trade and cultural links, also keen to have military allies in the volatile region and making a bold (and some would argue empty) pledge to bring the posthumans responsible for the zombie virus to justice.

The Erotic Beasts of Memulihul

8 08 2008

The Erotic Beasts of Memulihul were legendary even in Ashenar times. Using exotic pheromones and inter-species sexuality some delusional genetic hobbyist created a whole group of species who use sex as a weapon. Just before the Nanopocalypse these beasts were released into the wilds of the tidally locked world and caused sexy havoc amongst the population as the chaos of the Devils attack came down on ancient Memulihul.
Being a Metahuman world a fair few of the residents survived the destruction, their almost human bodies were spared from being devoured by grey goo although the experience of the insanity of those times left their impression on the surviving Memuls (add to that the horror of seeing people copulate then be consumed or enslaved by the Erotic Beasts as all Civilisation collapsed around them.)
Quickly developing a genetic resistance to the Beasts advances the surviving Memuls grew to view them with a wary respect. In the skewered histories of Memulihul the Erotic Beasts came to be part of the salvation from the decadent and oppressive “True Humans” of Ashenar times who had viewed the adapted Memuls as a lesser class. Whether this was how the sub-species of Humanity were treated is a matter of some debate, the Metahumans in this region of space rarely suffered from the prejudices that other genetically engineered people endured in Ashenar society and they had full access to cyberspace and nanoreplicators. This twisting of the facts may have been to create an enemy figure in the narrative of the surviving Memuls, in a universe gone insane and on a world where gigantic sexual beasts stalk it helps to have somebody to blame.
Although the Memuls are immune to the Erotic Beasts offworlders are not and a thriving if not disturbing trade in the tamed variety of beasts helps keep the economy of Memulihul afloat and warrants multiple wormhole links to the system. Adventure tourists (usually from the Community) come to Memulihul to risk serious injury and sexual violation to run with the Beasts on the plains of the world which has now leant its name to a whole sub-genre of pornography.

25 05 2008

“…so I work in nano-template solutions, in particular cleansing the biospheres of Dead Core worlds. You see not a lot of people know this but the accumulation of all that nano in the system for so long creates deposits of hazardous material. It happens every day but in such small
quantities so as to be irrelevant but left over time, like the 10,000 years since the time of the Ashenars”
“EXCUSE ME!” I royally interrupted, “could you not network when I’m fucking your wife?! It’s really off-putting!”