Hookers don’t exist apparently.

28 05 2010

Reading about the murders of three prostitutes in the grim-tropolis of Bradford by a self-proclaimed serial killer makes you think how such tragedies could be prevented. Tragic junkies those these latest victims were they were still human beings who in a decent society should be helped to get their broken lives back in order rather than leave them to feral sociopaths on the streets.What can we do to stop monsters from the Yorkshire Ripper to the Crossbow Killer from happening time and time again?

Unless of course if deep down you aren’t thinking the hookers somehow deserved what came to them, because of their broken lives and the mistakes they made to try to escape them.

The more charitable among us may wonder why “fallen women” are so vunerable to predators out there and why does this sort of thing happen and time and time again (the Ipswich murders from two years back still fresh in our minds.) I’ll admit it’s not a side of this “great” nation of ours I’d like to dwell upon but I would have hoped that some of the taxes I do pay would go towards that social safety net that is there to make this a better country than all those loser countries where no-one gives a damn about each other.

But no, clearly there are some parts of society we just don’t give a fuck about. We pretend prostitution doesn’t happen like we pretend drug abuse doesn’t happen so any attempt to do anything about it beyond getting the Filth involved would be admitting there is a problem. To deal with prostitution by legalising brothels would, like decriminalising drug use, be seen as weakness in some twisted game of saving face.

To create legalised brothels where women could work from under protection from the animalistic and predatory men out there would be met with strong opposition from the right wing press and would likely never get through Parliament. The Mail and such would say that it would be giving into the criminal element and instead more money should be flushed down the toilet to make the Police “do something.” The Mail of course  would be unable adequately explain what this magical “something” is that would make prostitution disappear from our streets but that is the mindset of the right-wing, click your heels three times and make it disappear, like climate change or drug use.

So we’ll carry on to throw these women to the wolves on the badly lit and dangerous streets because we’d rather they didn’t exist in the first place. In fact why not go the whole hog and fund the serial killers to cleanse the streets of sin just like jolly old “Jack the Ripper” did two centuries ago. Don’t be timid now Mr & Mrs Daily Mail reader, this is the time of hard choices as you’re always fond of saying. Take part in the Big Society and kill a hooker or two and then the streets will be clean for your children (although Mr Daily Mail might be a upset he has no street trash to blast up the ass because Mrs Daily Mail doesn’t have sex with him anymore.) You don’t care whether they live or die so man the fuck up and get out your hunting rifle or best cake slicing knife from the WI. Or are you going to tut and bluster then return to your nice cosy lives behind the net curtains, having done nothing to help your fellow human being or get your hands dirty doing what deep down you think should be done?


While we pretend these issues don’t exist and refuse to pressure elected representatives to do something wise about the situation rather than just make more and more pointless laws that punish rather than help women get out of an unpleasant situation then we are just as complicit in their sorry deaths as the “Crossbow Killer.”

Here is an article from 2004 about the then Labour Government bandying about ideas to deal with the situation intelligently (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/licensed-brothels-planned-in-prostitution-law-shakeup-553377.html) This was before the killings in Ipswich and before the murders in Bradford.Needless to say nothing came of it and people have died as a result. The blood is on our hands, are we to continue with this cruel idiocy for age unto age?