Just when you thought the public were coming round to a sensible attitude to drug use, The Sun posts an article

3 05 2012
The Sun. Making Britain a laughing stock since the 1970s

Stay classy you phone hacking criminals….

With the top rated comments in most British newspaper stories about drugs repeating the line “Regulate, tax and educate” you might think we’re making a turn against the disastrous “War on Drugs.”

But wait! The Sun (that fine purveyor of tits and celebrity voicemail messages) comes along with this story about two deaths from Legal Highs. Worse still, the victims were attractive young women who would otherwise have been up for getting drunk and flashing their funbags at leering Sun readers. When will the governments come in and ban this filth?!

Needless to say the article is standard tabloid half-truths, emotive language and poor research (I’ve not heard of half of the legal highs quoted as destroying our Nation’s young.) But,you don’t go to the Sun for information and balanced opinion do you? You go for celebrity gossip, football gossip and to feel angry at some minority for some vague reason.

I hear people defend their reading of The Sun by saying “well I don’t take it seriously, it’s a laugh innit?” Well that is the same reasoning people use for voting for Boris Johnson as London Mayor today  rather than being a bit of harmless fun this shit actually matters.

Take a look at these comments and then consider that (barring any paranoid suggestions that many of these are just Sun staffers posting shit to get viewers and debate going) these are people who walk the streets and have the ability to vote.

How many “governments” are there in this country?

Compassion is for the weak! End of! (look at my pwetty dog!)


Actually with an unregulated market and without intelligent discussion of the risks and benefits of drugs you don’t know the risks. And life isn’t “simple” as you put it, if it were idiots like you wouldn’t be constantly baffled and frustrated by life.

To be fair there are comments which bring up the hypocrisy of booze and fags being legal while far less dangerous substances are demonised but the idiots are still very vocal and I’m sad to say represent a large group of the population that still need to be educated about drugs (and for that matter a million other things but you can lead a horse to water…)

I post my thoughts an hour ago on this article yet I fear they may never see the light of day because I mentioned the elephant in The Sun’s press room “voicemail hacking” as well as posting a link to an intelligent resource on all matters drug related “www.erowid.org” I also appealing to reader’s ability to find their own answers and STOP TYPING EVERYTHING IN CAPITALS which I guess is against News International’s comment policy.

How much you want to bet they tried to hack the voicemails of the two dead women in the article eh? 😉