All arguements can be solved with giant robots; 61 Virignis

5 07 2008

Evangelions: Meme-complex and social group from 61 Virginis who were inspired by the early 21st century anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and as such believed that it is the barriers between individuals which cause the suffering and waste seen in society and set about to create a group mind and society totally without these interpersonal barriers. Initially this was achieved not through direct mental links or some kind of artificial gesalt intelligence (a meme spread by opponents of the project) but by creating a layer of glyphs and alternative reality templates that enable those with the Evan Implants to inhabit an experience more descriptive than our own. Living in this altered reality the Evans displayed everything that anybody cared to mention about themselves, their goals, their moods and their memories. Surrounded by an aura of this information for anyone with implants to read the Evans quickly learnt how to regulate themselves so as to display the best self image to their friends and co-workers.
Despite it being widely debated that this bending of the rules wasn’t in the purest interests of the initial concept of the Evangelion the fad quickly became more a part of general 61 Virginian society. Nobody could deny the harmony their society now existed in, where everyone worked towards the common good (or rather everyone’s robots worked for the common good.) 61 Virginis having a largely homogeneous population descended from Japanese settlers in the 22nd century were used to a lack of privacy in their culture so your neighbour knowing what kind of mood you were in and what music you intended to listen too throughout the day was not considered an invasion of privacy.
Like all nice ideas though there were those who took things too far. By the mid 23rd century the “Instrumentalists” were a vocal extreme wing of the Evangelion movement (which by then had grown to encompass 73% of the human population of the system.) The wanted to enforce the Evan technology and society on ALL inhabitants of the star system, openly speaking of the tacit Evan view that the “gajjin” (those who weren’t on the Evan network) were an disharmonious influence in their perfect society. The Instrumentalists set about making life very difficult for those who held onto their emotional privacy by making trying to enforce a series of laws making it impractical for the Gajjin to gain employment in certain sectors or access to nano-replicators (if a person can’t operate in a harmonious society then why should they be allowed access to potential harmful technology the Instrumentalists argued.)
In something of a self fulfilling prophecy the Gajjin did eventually use nano-replicators to spread chaos throughout the insufferable Evan network but only when their backs were up against the wall. Relying on their Japanese tradition the Gajjin constructed an army of robots to fight their cause. Performing anime style displays of robotic might and Gajjin propaganda in a sort of mecha take on Situationalist protest their “terrorist” attacks would often consist of a mecha flying into a point in a predominately Evan city or habitat and them let off explosives and generally trash the vicinity (always taking great pains to avoid killing anyone though) until it flew away again or the authorities managed to kill it.
This had mixed results, the memetic warfare in the system made it very confusing for the average 61 Virginian to make their mind up on who was right or wrong. On the one hand the Gajjin protests were practically terrorism despite their constant reassurances that the sancity of life was topmost in their minds and that any fatalities were just unhappy accidents and greatly mourned. On the other hand the Instrumentalists were becoming insufferable fundamentist bores, often turned on those more moderates in the Evan network for not doing more to bring everyone in the fold. Society in 61 Virginis had long traditional of secularism and priding itself on avoiding the religious warfare that had effected so many other cultures back in Sol and were starting to get sick of the intrusive Instrumentalists.
In 2289 the predominately Gajjin populations of the continent of Hiro on Shikkiro succeeded from the politics of the rest of the system and surrounded themselves with an army mechas to protect their borders from any more Evan and Instrumentalist interference. Hiro also happened to the be the home of some of the best mecho designers and operators, its long history of Bōsōzoku rebelliousness and fetishism of technology was a odds with the Evan philosophy and it was widely known the militant individualists of the region were behind the robot attacks of the rest of the system.
The Gajjin called out the Instrumentalists to settle things once and for all. A pitched battle would be fought on Shikkiro moon of Okinawa. If the Gajjin lost they would join the Evan network voluntarily, if they won the Instrumentalists would leave the system and equal rights for Evans and non-Evans would be reaffirmed in the system Constitution.
The battle became one of the most viewed media events throughout the known Galaxy at the turn of the 24th century. With the looming conflicts in Beta Comae, Zeta Tucanae and other systems the Great Mecha Battle of 61 Virginis became a sanitised version of the wars to come. The Gajjin armies were outnumbered 3 to 1 but their glorious Bōsōzoku styled machines revealed a venal practicality underneath their gaudy and ostentatious armour. The Instrumentalist forces were like cannon fodder to the Gajjin, although they worked well as a team their designs were lacking in originality and once a weakness had been found in a particular type of mecha they fell in their thousands.
After a month of entertaining destruction and robotic warfare the Gajjin came out victorious, their lavish mechas firing off their remaining missiles and bean weapons into the stars above Okinawa. The Instrumentalists admitted defeat and left for the nearby Luyten 763-63 system and the terraforming world of Macross where for all intents and purposes they have lived happily ever after, boring visitors to their peaceful world with an overload of personal information and eulogies on how wonderful their society is and their offshoots around the cosmos.
As for what happened after to 61 Viginis and particularly the Bosouku mechas that is another story.