Today’s hate figure is…..Rape-fan Alex Partridge. Founder of

31 01 2012

A mixture of Jack Whitehall’s character in Fresh Meat and Nathan Barley but without the empathy of the former and style of the latter Alex Partridge is the future Conservative MP for RaaRaashire South. He runs a popular blog for alcoholic students (I know, is there any other sort, lulz) who think the pinnacle of sexual adventure is dry humping some passed out Business Studies student in a toilet at a wingman’s house party. UniLad is for college jocks with British accents who think Nuts is too high brow and University years are all about getting drunk and being a dick before becoming a solicitor in St Albans.

"85% of rape cases go unreported, fnarr, fnarr!"

To summarise this charming guffaw at picking up totty, UniLad posits that despite most university girls being slags who will guzzle your cock for a G’n T, if the bitch does have the audacity to pass up the chance of having your semi erect urine dripping member in her whoreish mouth then you could always rape her.


Now many of us whose sense of humour sails close to edge have heard of “surprise sex” and may even have quipped about it with friends but to post a blog condoning date rape with less of a hint of a joke and more of a call to action for budding rapists everywhere is a bit much.

When Frankie Boyle calls you out as a bunch of proto-sex criminals you might have to stop drinking stella for a moment and look at your rosy-cheeked and misogynistic face in the mirror and think “hmmm, maybe getting drunk and fucking unconscious women isn’t such a great lifestyle choice to celebrate”

Frankie Boyle's tweet

Frankie Boyle is not impressed

So who is Alex Partridge again? Well he is glorious founder of Uni Lad and you might think a savvy editor of shock-jock style content. But a quick glance over his Facebook Timeline (and proof that if you have anything to hide Mark Zuckerberg will soon have you as screwed as a Freshie on “Fuck a Fresher Week”) shows that he has a rather unhealthy obsession with rape and objectifying women.

Now I’m sad to say to those “vagina holding specimens” that Alex looks to be involved in some kind of “gay” relationship with some lucky no-tail. Don’t worry though, judging by Uni Lad’s 70,000 Facebook fans there are plenty of other heroes to vomit down your vagina at a house party then post a picture on their Wall to the guffaws of their “ledge” mates.

A mashup of Alex "The Rape Lord" Partridge's Facebook Timeline

A mashup of Alex "The Rape Lord" Partridge's Facebook Timeline

The offending blog post as since been taken down and an apology issued, but judging by how far Alex’s attitudes towards women date back unless he renounces his misogyny on some reality TV show (whilst plugging his witty blog) then business will continue and young men will think that behaving like a rapey cunt is alright in this day and age.