Nutter report: 13th March 2012

13 03 2012

In the vain hope this blog is beamed by radio telescope tens of light years away to the intelligent balloon monkeys of Gilese 581d as an example of what life is like on dear old planet Earth I feel it apt to relay what I have seen today as an example.

From Yahoo News:

9 year old girl gives birth.

For the benefit of the Gilesean Monloons this is not a normal thing for us humans. This is very bad.

How bad? Bad enough to generate this response from someone apparently capable of operating a keyboard (although not the Caps Lock it would seem)
CATS MARRYING DOGS?! WHAT NEXT!? SAVE US JESUS!!!!!Yeah Monloons, we’re out there and we roll like this. Be afraid.



A remake of Flash Gordon is about due….

23 12 2011

OK , how about this…..
Flash Gordon re-imagined where Flash is an agent of some Human Rights NGO who smuggles himself aboard a starship to Gilese 581 d  with the latest cyborg enhancements for a 21 year journey in hibernation.
When he arrives his mission is to find out if all the rumours of genetically engineered beings being used to amuse the bored descendants of the original l33t settlers (people from reddit, 4chan etc) in decadent and elaborate ways. A world of bubble cities in the sky (Gilese 581d is a super-terrestrial waterworld) one such city has a self proclaimed “Emperor of the Universe” who rules a mostly consensual monarchy based on status and sexual deviancy with an underclass of genetically engineered replicants who battle amongst each other for their master’s adoration and amusement.

Ben Fogle to star as the Peter Duncan character from the 1980s version who gets stung by the tree stump creature and dies. Any other actor suggestions welcomed (naturally Brian Blessed to reprise his role, but with a twist maybe.)

More to follow as it comes to me……