11 Channels of real-time authentic WWII style war from the Cloud. Just like Stalingrad in Space!

9 08 2008

Like something out of Childhoods End Community starships lowered themselves over the five main capital cities on this war torn low tech planet. Their aim was to prevent genocide, millions of people on the planet had been herded up into camps in squalid conditions and it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened.
The Community debated long and hard, in fact the passions involved as billions gave their opinions in the Noosphere were so high that it became a meme in itself. Polite conversation extended the “no religion, no politics” rule to include “And definitely no Astcomelhirst Debate!”
Because the debate had raged for so long millions had already died in the bitter fighting between continents and the WWII fans were lapping up every minute as vast tank armies lumbered over grassland and jet propelled suicide bombers piloted their way over the oceans to their unwitting targets.
In a manoeuvre that cost him his career but everybody was secretly glad brought a resolution to the tiresome issue the commander of the Alnairian Cruiser “Beautiful? Kiss My Fucking Ass!” flew his ship towards Astcomelhirst to intervene in a particularly grisly scene of oppression and violence that had already cost the life of one agent on the ground and was about to kill hundreds live on the Web.
The warring nations of Astcomelhirst were presented with a situation right out of the pages of 20th century science fiction, they not only found out they were not alone in the universe (the ancient legends were true!) but their space brothers were remarkably pissed off with their current behaviour.
Whilst the cultural singularity was settling on Astcomelhirst and its inhabitants experience that (thankfully) rare of phenomena an Outside Context Problem it was revealed that the Community weren’t the only Superpower manipulating things on the ground. While Community agents had been busy trying to bring peace and understanding between the warring nation-tribes the Nuur Clans had been cultivating war to breed harsh new warriors, the sort of minds not dulled by modern comforts to the thoughts of killing, the sort of killer instinct needed in the eternal struggle against the Alien.
Astcomelhirst never ceases to be out the news, first the debate on intervention which gets almost as much discussion as the Unified Origin Theory and then the political intrigue and threats of interstellar war that makes Astcomelhirst one of the flashpoints along the Community/Nuur Clan border.
As for the Astcomelhirsts themselves, life was so much more straight forward during the war…..