A remake of Flash Gordon is about due….

23 12 2011

OK , how about this…..
Flash Gordon re-imagined where Flash is an agent of some Human Rights NGO who smuggles himself aboard a starship to Gilese 581 d  with the latest cyborg enhancements for a 21 year journey in hibernation.
When he arrives his mission is to find out if all the rumours of genetically engineered beings being used to amuse the bored descendants of the original l33t settlers (people from reddit, 4chan etc) in decadent and elaborate ways. A world of bubble cities in the sky (Gilese 581d is a super-terrestrial waterworld) one such city has a self proclaimed “Emperor of the Universe” who rules a mostly consensual monarchy based on status and sexual deviancy with an underclass of genetically engineered replicants who battle amongst each other for their master’s adoration and amusement.

Ben Fogle to star as the Peter Duncan character from the 1980s version who gets stung by the tree stump creature and dies. Any other actor suggestions welcomed (naturally Brian Blessed to reprise his role, but with a twist maybe.)

More to follow as it comes to me……

God Emperor needs God Empress to rule galaxy with. Apply within.

21 09 2011

Even Hitler had a girlfriend and I need someone to share the adventure that is my life with. Recent events where I’ve let my foolish heart overrule my malevolent and imperious head have shown me that I need to crowd-source this search lest I make the same horrendous mistakes again.

But what kind of lady could someone like me want? Well I drew up two lists, one of essential things I would like in a partner in crime and one of things which would be nice but not a deal breaker if they aren’t there.

So here it is

Sense of humour
A geeky side
no interest in children
enjoys festivals
a kinky sex life
comfortable with my transvestitism
A lust for life that counterbalances my jaded cynicism
Aged 21-33
Not a heavy drinker
Looks like a Suicide Girl, alternative

Would be nice but not essential;

Not a fan of twilight
Lives near me
Similar taste in music (I have quite a broad taste so that’s not too hard)
A kooky, sideways look at life
welcomes our robot overlords 😉
a supe-rvillan streak like myself
likes a bifta or two
similar political views, likes a bit of fun at protests
Not a hypochondriac
Bit of a science nerd
Sociable (as in can goad me into being more sociable, especially during winter.)
Good at making/fixing dresses and doing make-up

So then, should you come across such an implausible and unlikely lady, someone who reminds you of me then by all means introduce us. This crazy ride isn’t as fun when there is no-one special to share it with.


To get the ball rolling these are the sort of pop culture characters that float my boat

Princess Aura from Flash Gordon because she is evil and kinky

Dr Mrs The Monarch because she is evil and kinky. I think you get the idea (incidentally after Google searching this I might add “enjoys cosplay” to the list!)