Could this be the end for Brian Haw’s protest?

3 06 2010

So thanks to Chris Knight and his unwelcome clown party it looks like Brain Haw will face eviction with all the rest. Surviving the best the authoritarian Labour Government could throw at him for years it’s been barely a month into the new¬†regime¬†before the first attack. It can be argued that the “Democracy Village” was just the excuse to end the awkward sight of protest from the doorsteps of power. One lone and stubborn protester was tolerated but a whole shanty town right in the middle of prime tourist real estate?

But at least Knight has got his airtime in the national media, so someone is pleased with the inevitable outcome of this shambles.

One protester, Chris Knight, said: “I think it is an absolute scandal, it’s a disgrace.

“He [Boris Johnson] should be supporting democracy, not opposing it.

“If Boris wins this case it means freedom of speech, freedom of assembly will be put in the dustbin.

“I’d rather he was put in the dustbin.”

One can imagine the former university lecturer turned revolutionary icon would be pleased with how that came out…..