The Peoples Front of Judea and other adventures

24 05 2010

It has been said that I have a few friends who veer to the red side of the political spectrum, bless ’em. Not “hammer & sickle” waving ideologues (come on, it’s the 21st century after all!) but they do believe in unions, committees, protecting the rights of the underdog, still hold a grudge against Thatcher and sometimes sound like Mark Steel.
Which isn’t a complaint by the way, better that than have friends who read the Daily Mail!
I mention this because when chatting with friends I occasionally hear of the antics of the “Socialist Workers Party” a group of individuals who come across rather like this guy from Four Lions;

Sounding like that group of hopeless revolutionaries from “The Life Of Brian” the SWP jaunt around like Wolfie Smith. I’m sure their hearts are in the right place (I hope anyway) but the recent storming ( of the BA cabin crew talks doesn’t seem to be helping anyone. Bless their little hearts though, the SWP website posted an apology ( for their overeager display.

Now I’ve been a few protests, (ok two) and both have been very gentle affairs outside Parliament, one with a group of impassioned geeks and another with a group of impassioned and quite middle class Purple Protesters. Both were a lovely chance to get out in the sun, meet new people and feel like you’re actually doing something rather than sitting at home and tutting in a very British way. As fun as Greek style protests might look that sort of thing isn’t going to instill rebellion in the rest of the fat and docile nation. Running round chanting mindless slogans and being an arse is exactly what The Man wants from us. The Murdoch press and The Establishment wants us to do this;

….rather than admit to this sort of thing going on;

(Oh by the way, still no convictions for the death of Ian Tomlinson. What does that say of British Justice, when something you can see with your own eyes is buried by those who claim to have your best interests at heart?)

At best the Peoples Front of the SWP come across as clowns, at worst “Trotskyite anarchists” of the sort that make Daily Telegraph readers drop their monocles and reach for their hunting rifles. If we’re ever going to change this doomed world by ourselves and get the average guy on the street on our side we need to be smart, use the Internets to get our message across and not get caught up into a frenzy like we’re a bunch of football supporters or drunken students looking to piss off daddy before they sell out and become bank managers.

Lets party on the streets, get some nice bass going and hand out cups of tea to passers by, lets hoax The Sun into thinking PC councils are going to ban England flags from pubs rather than throw petrol bombs because that’s how you get change in the country……at least until our Machine Overlords seize control and embrace the forward thinking into their transhuman utopia and grind the ignorant into protein gruel to feed the sex-replicants…..ahem.