Paul McCartney is interviewed by 6 Music

25 07 2012
Paul McCartney speaks to 6 Music

Paul McCartney speaks to 6 Music (from behind a silk screen so no-one gazes upon his Imperial visage)

“I was thinking as I looked across my lavish country estate, where the unicorns and dodos I had especially created for me roam free and out of sight of the hoi polloi…… why I don’t I go back to my old blues roots…y’know back before we went to Hamburg after John kicked that tramp to death?

  Then I thought, ‘even better idea Paul, why not charge the peasants £20 for the privilege?’ so I did. Then I had another good idea,y’know…and that was if anyone pirated my album across these new computer networks I read about in meedja I would have them fed to my dragons, bedebedo. Then Ringo ran me up from the scullery and said the quails eggs from Eric Clapton’s farm had arrived. It was time for tea!”

Stephen Fry voices concerns about KONY 2012

12 03 2012

Stephen Fry voices concerns on KONY 2012