How do people define themselves on the Twitter

14 07 2011

I find myself browsing potential followers on Twitter for business leads and like a Wil Self I amuse my jaded intellect by judging people on the descriptions they post on their profiles.
Two thirds can be surmised as follows:
“I have a job: I have children”

Well, that really makes them stand out from the crowd doesn’t it? Were I actually Wil Self I would reach over to the Thesaurus, compile a list of words to illustrate my contempt for the petty banalities of my fellow humans unimaginative existences then stare hopelessly at my own reflection in a glass of brandy for a few hours.

However, I am not Wil Self so instead I’m going to make a cup of tea, thank the Internet for helping me find the unique freaks that make life more interesting and then later indulge myself by watching a German housefrau satisfy the priapic and urinal desires of three belligerent plumbers/bodybuilders.