MY experience of Radiohead playing at Glastonbury is way better than YOUR experience….

30 06 2011

Don’t give me all that shit about Radiohead playing back in the 90s and how it was the most special moment of your life. Fuck it!
How many of you were there? Like a million or something.
When I saw Radiohead play at Glastonbury there were only like a 100 people there and it wasn’t even at the fucking Park stage (you loser) because my bro Toby got us into this secret gig you never heard about backstage and it was like fucking beautiful man.
And when they played Karma Police it was like just for me and my crowd, Toby, Amelia, Oscar, Rupert, Billy Who Doesn’t Like Humus, Tabitha and Boris and it was So Fucking Special and Zane Lowe was there with his bitches and he just looked at me and we both fucking knew and then Radiohead did “No Surprises” but they did a version you’ll never hear done on a harp made of human body parts and Thom Yorke’s wonky goblin eye looked at me and it was the most beautiful thing in the world and right there I gave birth to a Starchild (shutup!) who will save us all but you’ll never Fucking know because you were probably watching the Wombles or some shit…..




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