How to tie your shoes, and why human nature rarely brings out the best in things.

7 06 2011

TED Talks \”How to tie your shoes.\”

The way human society seems to work at first people will laugh at him and his bizarre new ideas on shoe tying, then there will be angry calls in the right wing media to “ban this filth” and made up stories of children tying up their shoes in this better way but caught in a bizarre and deadly accident involving shoes and a railway track.
Then, this form of shoe tying will be banned and a special government agency set up to arrest anyone caught wearing shoes tied in this “dangerous fashion.” Politicans will be elected on how tough they are on the “Shoe Tie Issue” and contracts will be given out to private companies to monitor and enforce compliance with the new laws.
By then there will be so much money invested in keeping everyone using the less efficient form of shoe tying and the public will be so afraid of doing anything differently that the only people calling for some sanity on the issue will be on the internet.
And so it goes…..




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