Careful Now – Never Leave A Mate Behind

30 03 2011

Though I had escaped my friends had not and I was concerned for them. Being trapped is not a fun experience, especially when there is no explanation for why. I had managed to contact two of my friends  aside from Gail who were inside the cordon and so I circled round to the west end of Nelsons Column to to see if I could find them and attempt to get them out.

As you can see from the end of this clip others outside the kettle were trying to do the same. These are not the hardened thugs Sky News and the Daily Mail would have you believe, these are people just like you who don’t turn their back on their friends when they are in need, especially when drunken idiots are throwing bottles around.

One of the main feelings you have in this situation is frustration. The Police don’t speak to you apart from a few empty robotic phrases (the ones that do are taken aside and given a word by their superiors for daring to show empathy.)

It never ceases to amaze me how when protests about the inherent  inequality in our society occur in central London some people still drive their ostentatious displays of wealth right into the trouble. So, like the Charles and Camilla in the December 9th Student Protest this limo has bumbled into a group of people who aren’t too happy with the super-rich.

Notice though the limo isn’t being attacked, merely inconvenienced which is the aim of Direct Action (ideally.) People stand in front of the gaudy thing, defiant and no longer wishing to stand by while the rich trample over the rest of us but they aren’t behaving like “mindless thugs.”

When we live in a society where people who pull in 30k a year still struggle while those in the tax band above can pressure the government to get favours ( Vince Cable plans to abolish 50p tax rate for those earning £150+) you have to question the disturbing divide developing. You also have to ask yourself whether you want this thing to carry on or to make a stand?

Halfway through this clip you can see how the police (again the ones who hide behind the masks, not your average bobby) move along people. I don’t move in a violent crowd so seeing violence in happen in front of me is a little unsettling, a little unreal. It’s even more unsettling to see authority figures use violence as seen when the cop uses his shield, lengthways to move people. I’ve been fortunate to have never experienced the sharp end of a policeman’s shield but I’m told it hurts like buggery!

Again, instinct attempts to kick in and deep down within me came a urge to get stuck in. Thankfully that urge manifested itself in my trusty placard and the ideals portrayed in Father Ted, so I admonished “Careful Now” towards the violence cops.

Though my words were lost on them a passer-by was pleased to hear them, like a uniquely British island of tea drinking calm and whimsy in a see of utter mentalness.


Careful Now pt VI ” A Thoroughly Surreal Evening”



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