Careful Now – Escape From The Kettle

28 03 2011

At this point in the evening my friends and I had retreated from near the front lines where my attempts to have everyone calm down and have a bit of a talk about things were unsuccessful.

We got a vantage point from one of the empty fountains and saw the police line increase in number and attempt to circle us. Sam needed a wee, Alice was keen to stay so long as we had a clear way out. I had been told that it is impossible to entrap or kettle a public space like Trafalgar square which is why so many public demonstrations take place here.

It turned out I was wrong, it was possible to kettle the whole of Trafalgar square. Behind us at the southern and Charing Cross end we could see the police line rapidly move across.

Having experienced the frustration and fear of a kettle before, (in the December Student Protest) I said to my friends “it’s decision time.” I had no desire to spend the small hours of the night being pushed, beaten and then possibly arrested and have my phone taken off me and never returned as has happened to others before.

It was a fight or flight response, almost instinct so I ran. Coming up to the police line (which was still quite thin and not made of masked police with sticks and shields) I asked them a common question in these circumstances why are you doing this?!

No response (naturally) so I jumped past and managed to escape. My other friends were not so lucky so I turned round to see if I could find them and help them out.

Fireworks were let off from within the crowd, the atmosphere was electric, I commented “at least this beats the royal wedding”

Careful Now Part IV “Concerning Gail



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