Careful Now – The “Battle” Of Trafalgar pt 1

27 03 2011

Many things will be said about the events last night in Trafalgar Square, mostly by people who weren’t there yet still feel like they’re some kind of authority on the matter.

Well I was there. I’m not some masked “anarchist” out to destroy, I’m a concerned citizen who feels this government is taking out the mistakes of bankers on those who can least afford it.

I feel parts of this country are taking almost a delight in the punishment of those who are more needy or less well off, I see the gap between the rich and poor grow larger and larger and more lies spun to justify this selfish belief system.

I see the Earth’s resources stretched to a point when the next the generation face a worse standard of living than the previous and then see that same generation villainized and marginalised in the media.

I also like to not take things too seriously.

Hardened Anarchist Destroys Property!!!!!!

Fun & Games

Now don’t get me wrong, I do take these issues seriously but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while protesting as well. I figure the more people see you having a good time, making people laugh whilst making them think  the more likely they are to come round to your way of thinking.

Much better than waving a black flag and smashing shit up, which though fun for yourself isn’t great for those around you.

As the sun set over a group of us huddled around a dwindling camp-fire in the centre of Oxford Circus (which I believe were the remains of a wooden terror horse) we heard the distant thunder of drum and bass come up from Piccadilly. Baring in mind my predilection for fun it was only natural that I and my friends would follow this youthful band on it merry adventure.

As we marched and danced through Soho the general public were not running in terror of us and we were not smashing shops as we went. We were a  political party, in the literal sense of the word. Bystanders with amused smiles and bemused faces took pictures, thankful for a little impromptu street theatre to perk up their day of shopping and eating.

We were esc0rted/followed by a few police officers in everyday uniforms. No sticks were wielded, no masks over the face to hide their shame. We weaved merrily through the streets of central London, through Leicester Square and into Trafalgar.

And then we started to party.

This video was taken just as the sound systems were firing up, spirits were high and the air had a feel to a festival about it (except we were dancing beneath the shadow of a major London landmark.)

(part II – “Shit Gets Real”)



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