Why Japan will bounce back.

15 03 2011

As apocalyptic as the events in the Japan have been over the past few days, with mega-quakes, tsunamis wiping whole towns off the map and a runaway nuclear reactor belching radioactive gas into the atmosphere the hardy nation will bounce back…..and here’s why;

This man is why Japan will rebuild after the quake, tsunami and meltdown.

Japanese Pipemanship

With pipe smoking suave individuals such as these, assured and still at ease while a nation is flung around him Japan will rebuild as it always has done. From the numerous Earthquakes through history that have levelled Tokyo (and the odd American fire-bombing) to gigantic alien horrors which can be defeated only by giant (and emotionally confused) robots the Japanese have suffered terribly but then come back stronger as ever.

Fair play to them, I shall watch with optimism!




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