The Infomorph Fawn in the O2 ads.

13 02 2011

I feel sorry for the digital being conjured on a whim by the half mad AI overmind which now apparently runs the company.
He didn’t ask to be created, and what is his purpose, what is his goal. Clearly he is sentient and even though a being totally of information rather than flesh and blood he should be allowed some freedom in his digital life.
Instead the O2 Overmind force the fawn to deal with irate human customers,an indentured being used as distraction or punch bag for the meaty irrational consumers.
No wonder he looks so lost and depressed, maybe the guys at Anonymous could free him?



One response

1 04 2011
Hugh Newmanm

Don’t feel sorry for him, the actor got well paid for this. I wish the AI overmind had created this on a whim for us, would have been cheaper than what the ad agency charged…

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