Life in the Big Smoke

28 01 2011

A packed train pulls into Kensington, people rush off. One woman however dawdles, “you can’t get on until I get awf” she exclaims.”Well just push me then” she continues, in danger of looking her English reserve.
Once she departs the rest of the coach titters.
“Guess she isn’t a regular on this train then.”

A dashing young social media consultant records this slice of Information Age daily life on his smart phone, partly out of boredom but mainly just to play with his shiny toy.

A thousand years from now this one blog post is analysed by posthuman data miners on a planet a hundred light years from the bastard planet Earth. Between bouts of monstrous hedonism and incomprehensible geekery the posthumans muse upon how cruel & petty their short lived ancestors were.




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