The SAD is kicking in real bad these days, so here is what it feels like in prose….

5 11 2010

Sullen faces half lit by the  flood-lights shining through the spittle of the night rain. No longer dignified with labels like “employed”, “taxpayer”,”British” or “middle class” they were now no more than refugees.

Like the six billion other people whom deep down they used to feel they were better than ,they now queued in the cold and wet outside oppressive metal fencing and CCTV. Their material possessions, for which they had sacrificed so much in their past lives to obtain were clutched to them as totem of a bygone age.
Naturally some were ahead of the Game, they lived beyond the fencing and in little pockets of luxury around the world, guarded by men and machine so as to keep out the slowly starving hordes of the unlucky. The losers, the 95% of people who never stood a chance in that ridiculous game but were still expected to play now wandered the land bemused, hungry and frightened going where they were told to go and still doing what was expected of them by the victors.

Had they not already become a broken people,had any kind of fight in them sapped by decades of toil for pennies then  the dejected masses would be tearing down those fences, smashing those cameras, overpowering the guards and outwitting the machine sentries to reclaim their dignity and Humanity.

Instead they queued and complained, like they always did.



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5 11 2010

Only seven weeks until december 21st, then things will start to get better!

5 11 2010

Aye, but every overcast day is like being locked in a cold wet cell while de-motivational music and spoken word is pumped through on tinny speakers.
I appreciate the asthetics of winter, the dramatic skies, the extreme weather (snow! yay!) but every year I feel like I should hibernate for a few months.
My mind goes to dark self-loathing places, I loose the will to do anything except stay in bed and human interaction is chore like ironing.
And every fucking year it comes round regular as clockwork.

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