The problem with Facebook and democracy…..

9 07 2010

The thing about using Facebook to ask the British public how this country should be run is that a fair percentage of Facebook users and therefore a fair percentage of the public at large are ignorant, homophobic, racist, barely sentient peasants who refuse to use a spell-checker or any kind of universally accepted grammar.
Now some may call me an elitist for saying as such and that everyone in this country deserves their say but when a citizen’s response to a question is “yur gay” or the usual “I’m not a racist but brown smelly people live near me and seem to be doing something with their lives rather than sit around all day on benefits and eating themselves to death and I want to punish them for my own failed abortion of a white trash life” then I stand up proud and say “I’m a fucking elitist”
Learn to spell, stop using bigotry as a justification for the half-arsed ideas that trickle out of your pink, heterosexual sphincter and then I’ll listen to you. There’s free speech and then there is just being a cunt.




One response

10 07 2010
Dave P

I concur wholeheartedly sir.

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