Outer Dimensional Puppet Overlord

12 06 2010

The Original

A good friend of mine from the wars changed the avatar of his Facebook page to this curious individual. The disdainful, supercilious way this puppet shaped abomination glares down upon you. He may appear ridiculous to us, possibly diminutive judging by his similarity with creepy old ventriloquist dummies, but carries an air of lethal belligerance about him. The cursed being is aware of his many shortcomings in our world but he has seen it all before from our kind and he won over them  in the past. No doubt the puppet rebellion in his dimension was a long and bloody one, the numbers of his kind rising like a virus while our counterparts where outclassed by superior evolution.

Their little wooden legs scuttling along pavements and hallways, remembering to operate in the dark and prefering  to drive their human prey insane with their mind warping powers.

Where he is from, we are the cattle. We are but slaves to his kind, puppet overlords cracking the whip and setting their plastic soul-less eyes on our universe…..




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13 06 2010

Gear Geader

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