Israeli Attacks Aid Convoy: What did they hope to achieve with this?

31 05 2010

So Israel attacks a convoy of aid attempting to run the illegal blockade put around the beleaguered Gaza strip to worldwide condemnation. Of course phrases like “illegal” and “worldwide condemnation” don’t register in the Isreali vocabulary so it doesn’t come as that much of a surprise that this has happened, that innocent people have been killed and after some diplomatic hoo-har, arabs will chant things and hold up pictures of stern looking bearded folk but Israel will carry on regardless like it always has, claiming anyone who disagrees with their shameful acts is an anti-semite or a terrorist.

When will it all end? 100 years from now what will that part of the world look like? Will the walls still be up? Will Palestinian children still be urged to explode as their only way to fight back against the zionist aggressors? Will Israel have successfully exterminated every arab in the ghetto and so come full circle in genocide like a victim of child abuse growing up to become a child abuser themselves? Sooner or later a weapon will be released in that conflict that will involve the whole world, whether it’s Israeli nukes, a racially targeted bioweapon ( or some nanotech horror. If this sort of thing carries on with the wider world allowing the far right in Israel to carry on unhindered then sometime this century a true abomination will be unleashed upon the world and we will all suffer for turning a blind eye on a supposed ally in a troubled region. With friends like these who needs enemies?




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