Just for fun: Is the Daily Mail a sociopath?

28 05 2010

From an article on Wikianswers on how to spot a sociopath http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_know_if_someone_is_a_sociopath

I’ve replaced the word “sociopath” with that of “The Daily Mail” (although this can work with most papers such The Sun) and see if it works or not;

The key characteristics of aThe Daily Mail include:

(1) having no conscience,

(2) inability to treat others as human beings, with feelings and rights and

(3) inability to learn from experience, from life. One result of this last is gross immaturity, though it may be hidden unless one knows the paper well. The Daily Mail behaves as if it were the only paper in the whole world and as if everyone else just existed for their benefit and had no existence in their own right.

(4) The Daily Mail treats other people as toys and hanker after the power to control and hurt their ‘nearest and dearest’.

(5) The Daily Mail is monumentally self-important: it may pretend to have millions of readers when in reality they are sliding towards financial disaster. (wishful thinking maybe ;))

(6) Habitual dishonesty.




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