The Peoples Front of Judea pt 2: Brain Haw arrested!

25 05 2010

As almost an addendum to yesterday’s post about the unhelpful antics of the Socialist Workers Party at the BA strike meeting I hear that the ill-advised Democracy Village that sprang up on Parliament Square has resulted in the arrest of craggy protest-hero Brian Haw.

Anyone who has walked past Westminster would have noticed the ramshackle group of tents and protest banners broadcasting the worlds ills right under the nose of the few people who should be shamed into doing something about it. Since 2001 Haw has been the uniquely British example of stubborn defiance and borderline eccentricity which makes me proud to be British (and that doesn’t happen very often these days!)  Relying on donations of supplies from supporters like pipe-wizard Tony Benn and cheeky warlord of the wronged,Mark Thomas he has faced off numerous threats from the authoritarian Labour government who would rather not be reminded of the awful mess they instigated in Iraq.

Two weeks into this Coalition  government and it’s already kicked off again sadly. Clearly the (possibly reptilian) Queen wouldn’t want to be troubled by the sight of one of her “subjects” (and how I loathe to use the term) not being happy with the status quo but word from The Man is “The mayor respects the right to demonstrate, however the scale and impact of the protest is now doing considerable damage to the square and preventing its peaceful use by other Londoners – including those who may wish to have an authorised protest,”

Now Brian hasn’t gone all home improvement and increased the size of his home to move up the property ladder. What has grown up around him is the “Democracy Village”, a well intentioned but doomed to collapse act of SWP style action that went ahead without asking Brian Haw if he was alright with that. In fact when they did start to set up camp there was an altercation with Brian Haw who having a little more experience in fending off legal action on Parliament Square must have known it would come to this. In fact anyone with half a mind could see that Haw’s protest survives only by the skin of its teeth and wouldn’t be helped by some fairy-tale student protester’s Camelot springing up right in the centre of Whitehall.

But why listen to sage advice when egos need feeding? (cough* Chris Knight *cough)

We shall have to wait and see if the defiant and crotchety Haw will be allowed to go back to his adoptive home or if the clowns at the “Democracy Village” really have given the game away. Next time you think up of doing something like this how about looking at the bigger picture and not just preen in front of the mirror in your Che Guevara t-shirt eh?




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