Israeli Attacks Aid Convoy: What did they hope to achieve with this?

31 05 2010

So Israel attacks a convoy of aid attempting to run the illegal blockade put around the beleaguered Gaza strip to worldwide condemnation. Of course phrases like “illegal” and “worldwide condemnation” don’t register in the Isreali vocabulary so it doesn’t come as that much of a surprise that this has happened, that innocent people have been killed and after some diplomatic hoo-har, arabs will chant things and hold up pictures of stern looking bearded folk but Israel will carry on regardless like it always has, claiming anyone who disagrees with their shameful acts is an anti-semite or a terrorist.

When will it all end? 100 years from now what will that part of the world look like? Will the walls still be up? Will Palestinian children still be urged to explode as their only way to fight back against the zionist aggressors? Will Israel have successfully exterminated every arab in the ghetto and so come full circle in genocide like a victim of child abuse growing up to become a child abuser themselves? Sooner or later a weapon will be released in that conflict that will involve the whole world, whether it’s Israeli nukes, a racially targeted bioweapon ( or some nanotech horror. If this sort of thing carries on with the wider world allowing the far right in Israel to carry on unhindered then sometime this century a true abomination will be unleashed upon the world and we will all suffer for turning a blind eye on a supposed ally in a troubled region. With friends like these who needs enemies?

Just for fun: Is the Daily Mail a sociopath?

28 05 2010

From an article on Wikianswers on how to spot a sociopath

I’ve replaced the word “sociopath” with that of “The Daily Mail” (although this can work with most papers such The Sun) and see if it works or not;

The key characteristics of aThe Daily Mail include:

(1) having no conscience,

(2) inability to treat others as human beings, with feelings and rights and

(3) inability to learn from experience, from life. One result of this last is gross immaturity, though it may be hidden unless one knows the paper well. The Daily Mail behaves as if it were the only paper in the whole world and as if everyone else just existed for their benefit and had no existence in their own right.

(4) The Daily Mail treats other people as toys and hanker after the power to control and hurt their ‘nearest and dearest’.

(5) The Daily Mail is monumentally self-important: it may pretend to have millions of readers when in reality they are sliding towards financial disaster. (wishful thinking maybe ;))

(6) Habitual dishonesty.

Hookers don’t exist apparently.

28 05 2010

Reading about the murders of three prostitutes in the grim-tropolis of Bradford by a self-proclaimed serial killer makes you think how such tragedies could be prevented. Tragic junkies those these latest victims were they were still human beings who in a decent society should be helped to get their broken lives back in order rather than leave them to feral sociopaths on the streets.What can we do to stop monsters from the Yorkshire Ripper to the Crossbow Killer from happening time and time again?

Unless of course if deep down you aren’t thinking the hookers somehow deserved what came to them, because of their broken lives and the mistakes they made to try to escape them.

The more charitable among us may wonder why “fallen women” are so vunerable to predators out there and why does this sort of thing happen and time and time again (the Ipswich murders from two years back still fresh in our minds.) I’ll admit it’s not a side of this “great” nation of ours I’d like to dwell upon but I would have hoped that some of the taxes I do pay would go towards that social safety net that is there to make this a better country than all those loser countries where no-one gives a damn about each other.

But no, clearly there are some parts of society we just don’t give a fuck about. We pretend prostitution doesn’t happen like we pretend drug abuse doesn’t happen so any attempt to do anything about it beyond getting the Filth involved would be admitting there is a problem. To deal with prostitution by legalising brothels would, like decriminalising drug use, be seen as weakness in some twisted game of saving face.

To create legalised brothels where women could work from under protection from the animalistic and predatory men out there would be met with strong opposition from the right wing press and would likely never get through Parliament. The Mail and such would say that it would be giving into the criminal element and instead more money should be flushed down the toilet to make the Police “do something.” The Mail of course  would be unable adequately explain what this magical “something” is that would make prostitution disappear from our streets but that is the mindset of the right-wing, click your heels three times and make it disappear, like climate change or drug use.

So we’ll carry on to throw these women to the wolves on the badly lit and dangerous streets because we’d rather they didn’t exist in the first place. In fact why not go the whole hog and fund the serial killers to cleanse the streets of sin just like jolly old “Jack the Ripper” did two centuries ago. Don’t be timid now Mr & Mrs Daily Mail reader, this is the time of hard choices as you’re always fond of saying. Take part in the Big Society and kill a hooker or two and then the streets will be clean for your children (although Mr Daily Mail might be a upset he has no street trash to blast up the ass because Mrs Daily Mail doesn’t have sex with him anymore.) You don’t care whether they live or die so man the fuck up and get out your hunting rifle or best cake slicing knife from the WI. Or are you going to tut and bluster then return to your nice cosy lives behind the net curtains, having done nothing to help your fellow human being or get your hands dirty doing what deep down you think should be done?


While we pretend these issues don’t exist and refuse to pressure elected representatives to do something wise about the situation rather than just make more and more pointless laws that punish rather than help women get out of an unpleasant situation then we are just as complicit in their sorry deaths as the “Crossbow Killer.”

Here is an article from 2004 about the then Labour Government bandying about ideas to deal with the situation intelligently ( This was before the killings in Ipswich and before the murders in Bradford.Needless to say nothing came of it and people have died as a result. The blood is on our hands, are we to continue with this cruel idiocy for age unto age?

Why I get embarrassed by our flag and my fellow countrymen in general.

27 05 2010

Many of you on the internet will be aware of the hoo-har about England flags being flown with the upcoming World Cup, a celebration of rampant nationalism that thankfully is contained on a football pitch and not expressed in all those wars we had fun with in the 20th Century.

The Sun, being a foreign owned tabloid whose relationship with the truth is distant and hazy decided to blow a police memo to pub owners in croydon about being wary of ALL football shirted patrons, out of all proportion. Why did they do this? Possibly just to sell papers to a jingoistic public who feel that the  undifinable “englishness” is under threat from some people speaking the language with a bad accent, wearing funny clothes and not indulging in the national pastime of alcohol abuse.

The Sun having no care for race relations decided to paint a merry tale that all England flags would be taken off supporters by force by jack-booted politically correct warriors, thrown into a big pit where immigrants would be allowed to collectively defecate on them for the forseeable future (and then have sex with white and pure British womenfolk presumably to round off a solid day’s sacrilege.)

Cue numerous Facebook groups with disturbingly large followings saying such things as “you like our benefits but you don’t like our Flag?!” or “We can’t wear england shirts? , You can’t wear you’re turban 🙂(apologies if I spelt any of that correctly, most of these groups are founded by people with an even poorer grasp of the english language than the immigrants they hate!)

I could go into more detail on this outburst of racism with a thin covering of patriotism but this image hopefully sums up what is another  pathetic chapter in the Rule of the Idiots;

And if you think it was just The Sun responsible for this mess let’s not forget the Daily Mail running a story on a woman who claimed she was thrown off a bus because her spawn was wearing an England shirt and it upset the bus driver. Her name was Samantha Fardon which a quick google search reveals;

……so she is basically a chavvy little liar with a criminal record as long and pathetic as Phil Collins’s solo career (ooooo,topical!)

(With thanks to the Facebook group!/pages/Nobody-is-banning-any-England-shirts-you-gullible-xenophobic-fool/118126444889112 who are going some way to resorting my faith in Humanity.)

So then, this is what being English has come down too. Racism, lies and appalling spelling. Once this nation made things that were the envy of the world, our Scientists were the leaders in most fields, uncovering the secrets of the universe that would last generations. Yes, we had an Empire that spanned the globe and did some appalling things (“potato famine”, the other half of me never forgets!) but while the Empire will always be a grey area morally we did do some good things as well, grand engineering feats that the world could marvel at, a rule of law, systems of governance and we went out in style by defeating Hitler and all that crowd at the price of our morally ambiguous Empire.

But now, what do we have to be proud about? Concorde is dead, our energy is at the mercy of Russia and Opec because we are too pathetic to harness the natural renewable energy at our shores (whatever did happen to the Vespa wind farm factory by the way?) Our scientists flee the country for places where they will get funding and respect, our primary export are criminal financial products built of smoke and mirrors that are responsible for so much misery today and our foreign policy isn’t ours at all but that of our American cousins who for all our arse-kissing see us as nothing more than effete butlers with no will of their own. In effect we are a joke in the eyes of the world.

Oh, and when we do go abroad we behave like this clown here, facing trial in Thailand;

So if this what being English is all about; a nation of small-minded bigots easy fooled by tabloid hysteria and who can barely spell the language they profess to be defending against foreign hordes, a nation who would rather be estate agents and investment bankers than uncover the secrets of the universe for the good of all Humanity, a nation of drunken thugs who pick a fight in a foreign country and then burst into tears when it comes to court, a nation of benefit scrounging liars who use their children to get the things in life they can’t be bothered to work for then excuse me if I get embarassed to fly a flag that represents these fucktards.

The thing is we do have plenty to be proud about, a quick look at the 100 Greatest Britions (cunts like Cromwell and Enoch Powell aside) shows that as a nation we can do great things. We’ve just forgotten how to right now. When we do get our dignity, vision and intellectual prowess back I may fly that flag again. Chances are I will have long left the country (and hopefully the planet) by then…..

The State Opening of Parliament

25 05 2010
The State Opening of Parliament

This should sort the Monarchists from the Republicans....

Yes, yes I know. Nothing against the old (possibly reptilian) dear but I’m not anyone’s “subject” nor do I pledge allegiance to anyone based on their birthright or any other non-democratic means.

The Peoples Front of Judea pt 2: Brain Haw arrested!

25 05 2010

As almost an addendum to yesterday’s post about the unhelpful antics of the Socialist Workers Party at the BA strike meeting I hear that the ill-advised Democracy Village that sprang up on Parliament Square has resulted in the arrest of craggy protest-hero Brian Haw.

Anyone who has walked past Westminster would have noticed the ramshackle group of tents and protest banners broadcasting the worlds ills right under the nose of the few people who should be shamed into doing something about it. Since 2001 Haw has been the uniquely British example of stubborn defiance and borderline eccentricity which makes me proud to be British (and that doesn’t happen very often these days!)  Relying on donations of supplies from supporters like pipe-wizard Tony Benn and cheeky warlord of the wronged,Mark Thomas he has faced off numerous threats from the authoritarian Labour government who would rather not be reminded of the awful mess they instigated in Iraq.

Two weeks into this Coalition  government and it’s already kicked off again sadly. Clearly the (possibly reptilian) Queen wouldn’t want to be troubled by the sight of one of her “subjects” (and how I loathe to use the term) not being happy with the status quo but word from The Man is “The mayor respects the right to demonstrate, however the scale and impact of the protest is now doing considerable damage to the square and preventing its peaceful use by other Londoners – including those who may wish to have an authorised protest,”

Now Brian hasn’t gone all home improvement and increased the size of his home to move up the property ladder. What has grown up around him is the “Democracy Village”, a well intentioned but doomed to collapse act of SWP style action that went ahead without asking Brian Haw if he was alright with that. In fact when they did start to set up camp there was an altercation with Brian Haw who having a little more experience in fending off legal action on Parliament Square must have known it would come to this. In fact anyone with half a mind could see that Haw’s protest survives only by the skin of its teeth and wouldn’t be helped by some fairy-tale student protester’s Camelot springing up right in the centre of Whitehall.

But why listen to sage advice when egos need feeding? (cough* Chris Knight *cough)

We shall have to wait and see if the defiant and crotchety Haw will be allowed to go back to his adoptive home or if the clowns at the “Democracy Village” really have given the game away. Next time you think up of doing something like this how about looking at the bigger picture and not just preen in front of the mirror in your Che Guevara t-shirt eh?


The Peoples Front of Judea and other adventures

24 05 2010

It has been said that I have a few friends who veer to the red side of the political spectrum, bless ’em. Not “hammer & sickle” waving ideologues (come on, it’s the 21st century after all!) but they do believe in unions, committees, protecting the rights of the underdog, still hold a grudge against Thatcher and sometimes sound like Mark Steel.
Which isn’t a complaint by the way, better that than have friends who read the Daily Mail!
I mention this because when chatting with friends I occasionally hear of the antics of the “Socialist Workers Party” a group of individuals who come across rather like this guy from Four Lions;

Sounding like that group of hopeless revolutionaries from “The Life Of Brian” the SWP jaunt around like Wolfie Smith. I’m sure their hearts are in the right place (I hope anyway) but the recent storming ( of the BA cabin crew talks doesn’t seem to be helping anyone. Bless their little hearts though, the SWP website posted an apology ( for their overeager display.

Now I’ve been a few protests, (ok two) and both have been very gentle affairs outside Parliament, one with a group of impassioned geeks and another with a group of impassioned and quite middle class Purple Protesters. Both were a lovely chance to get out in the sun, meet new people and feel like you’re actually doing something rather than sitting at home and tutting in a very British way. As fun as Greek style protests might look that sort of thing isn’t going to instill rebellion in the rest of the fat and docile nation. Running round chanting mindless slogans and being an arse is exactly what The Man wants from us. The Murdoch press and The Establishment wants us to do this;

….rather than admit to this sort of thing going on;

(Oh by the way, still no convictions for the death of Ian Tomlinson. What does that say of British Justice, when something you can see with your own eyes is buried by those who claim to have your best interests at heart?)

At best the Peoples Front of the SWP come across as clowns, at worst “Trotskyite anarchists” of the sort that make Daily Telegraph readers drop their monocles and reach for their hunting rifles. If we’re ever going to change this doomed world by ourselves and get the average guy on the street on our side we need to be smart, use the Internets to get our message across and not get caught up into a frenzy like we’re a bunch of football supporters or drunken students looking to piss off daddy before they sell out and become bank managers.

Lets party on the streets, get some nice bass going and hand out cups of tea to passers by, lets hoax The Sun into thinking PC councils are going to ban England flags from pubs rather than throw petrol bombs because that’s how you get change in the country……at least until our Machine Overlords seize control and embrace the forward thinking into their transhuman utopia and grind the ignorant into protein gruel to feed the sex-replicants…..ahem.