Assault on the city of Dein Penita and the tragic story of a singing elephant.

18 04 2009

Through the dusky yellow haze of artificial mist that protected the ancient and hallowed city the mighty rail cannons raged their silver blasts into the sky. The sound was of a deep chest rumbling electrical hum, like lightening being fired out of a metal pipe. Blazing into the sky the depleted uranium pellets no bigger than a speck of dust intercepted the down-falling projectiles of the corvette in orbit at a third the speed of light,high in the upper atmosphere.
The bright dance of radiation as the streams collided was the most awesome light show the planet below had seen in its long and tortured history and topped Community “Awesome but terrible (but still awesome, y’know?)” lists for a whole week until the tragic demise of the singing neo-elephant with the odd taste in human fashion.
Having found the fickle hand of fame amongst the more fast moving humanoid societies of the Community hard to acclimatise to (the genetically upgraded elephants, like their ancestors took things slowly and deliberately) she died during an ill advised narcotic and extreme sport binge on the planet Canadia in the Gamma Ophiuchus system.
Though most of the neo-elephant vocal range was beneath the perception of humanoids Hurrumb Oolluuugg had for years (and to the bafflement of her fellow elephantine tribes-people) been practicing her “human” singing until the point she earnt a place on a Gamma Ophiuchian talent show which was always on the look out for something new and bizarre for its vast audience to ridicule.
Around the hot bright star of Gamma Ophiuchus, was one of the most technologically advanced and media savvy star systems in the Community. Amongst the many demopolies public opinion (as registered on the fluid and near chaotic local networks) could turn on a hairpin and then spread across 3 billion viewers almost instantly. The Gamma Ophiuchans’ fondness for the underdog (or under-phant in this case) dated back to the Anglo roots of the original settlers in the 25th century and Hurrumbs’ five minute bass heavy rendition of Carly Simons’ “Nobody does it better” captured human hearts and made those who had poked fun pariahs in the blink of a digital eye. For a few days at least.

News in the 24th century

5 04 2009

The reporting of the news was no longer two people (usually a man and a woman) dressed smartly and speaking reassuringly to the camera. Depending on your personality your news was delivered by unambiguous text, an angry nude man shouting on a hill, a rowdy

bear sitting on a throne or digitally reanimated Sean Connery who would relate the hot topics of the day to a past role or apocryphal tales of his womanising and later homosexuality.