Warrior Lesbians of Izpadisti.

10 08 2008

warrior lesbians

Fleeing persecution for their radical all femme society 2000 years ago in the more conservative parts of the Mellard Imperium this hardy band of technocratic feminists ventured into the justly named Dead Core. Based on cyber-pharmological visions of their venerated leader Raife Iz Raagmulker they cashed in all their wealth and bought a fleet of FTL capable ships and borderline legal nano-technological devices. Upon entering the system of promised system Izpadisti they discovered a vibrant and unheard of robot ecology left over from experiments in Ashenar times.
The bot ecology was suffering, without the guidance and purpose offered by humans they had fallen into a rut and transformed the rings of the major gas giants into billions of copies of their various forms. This bot pollution would have carried on until encountering a complexity cascade and spilling out grey goo into the larger system like a burst metal pustule.
Thankfully the Ultra-Femme technicians managed to translate ancient computer code and got talking with the processing nodes of the bots. Now that they understood and tamed the bots “farming” of the various bot designs churned out by the replicators in the planetary became commonplace though there was a lot of trash to wade through. Cybernetic evolution and replicating errors had produced robot designs of a redundant but bewilderingly varied types floating helplessly in space.
The bots pledged unswerving loyalty to their femme masters and started about building habitats on the moons of worlds like Iry and then developing individual droid companions for the Izpadistians with every imaginable device a modern woman needs (dildonic attachments have become an art form and are much prized outsystem)
All would have been well for the Izpadisti synergy of lesbian and robot until raiders from a sub-light ark ship unleashed a barrage of antimatter weapons into the Mastortiver 412 planetary system killing over a million Izpadistis before they were beaten back by the auotmatic defense systems. The assault cost both sides dearly and the normally pacifist Izpadistis were forced to embrace the masculine world of violence and power when linking in with their newly developed bot wardogs and combat drones. The second phase of the raiders attack involved the unusual step of raping and plundering the inhabitants of Mastortiver 412 themselves. In the aftermath of the initial antimatter attack surviving Izpadistis were shell shocked and unable to offer much resistance to the invaders, it was unusal for such a vicious attack to be followed up by an attempted at manned invasion. Normally that level of violence signified the invaders wanted to obliterate their opponent, not subjugate them. It became apparent soon after the radiers landed that they subscribed to some ancient fertility cult under some mission from their god to spread their genetically perfect seed into even unwilling females (talk of genetic purity and lust for adventure fuel links to Nuur clans to this day.)
When help finally arrived from Izpadisti A the drones were driven to a blind revenge lust from the reaction of their synchronised femme pilots. Showing that rage and vengence are not exclusive to either sex, not one raider was left alive in the Mastortiver 412 system and the Izpadistis mercilessly chased the fertility cult back to the home ark ship hiding out in the binary systems Oort Cloud
Since that orgy of violence the Izpadistis have developed a militaristic culture of honour and contempt for the brutal and venal male world outside of the mother system (ignoring the irony that they have very much become the type of culture they hate.) Duels for love and honour are common though rarely fatal, a humiliating scar or severed body part is worn with shame by the loser for a week before surgery to heal scars and reattach limbs is performed.
The Izpadistis xenophobic and violently defensive nature has led them to dominate nearby systems as a precaution against further aggression.For the most part the Izpadistis keep very much to themselves in these “Protectorates”, the locals sometimes thankful for the protection and sometimes enticed by the Izpadisti culture of violence and sexual adventurism with their dildonic servants. Despite their fearsome nature and recent rumours of uncovered Ashenar superweapons the Izpadistis are still sometime harassed by sexual interest from travellers afar who have become addicted to the lurid and rarely authentic Izpadisti porn which is currently the fashion in the Greater Networks.



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