The Erotic Beasts of Memulihul

8 08 2008

The Erotic Beasts of Memulihul were legendary even in Ashenar times. Using exotic pheromones and inter-species sexuality some delusional genetic hobbyist created a whole group of species who use sex as a weapon. Just before the Nanopocalypse these beasts were released into the wilds of the tidally locked world and caused sexy havoc amongst the population as the chaos of the Devils attack came down on ancient Memulihul.
Being a Metahuman world a fair few of the residents survived the destruction, their almost human bodies were spared from being devoured by grey goo although the experience of the insanity of those times left their impression on the surviving Memuls (add to that the horror of seeing people copulate then be consumed or enslaved by the Erotic Beasts as all Civilisation collapsed around them.)
Quickly developing a genetic resistance to the Beasts advances the surviving Memuls grew to view them with a wary respect. In the skewered histories of Memulihul the Erotic Beasts came to be part of the salvation from the decadent and oppressive “True Humans” of Ashenar times who had viewed the adapted Memuls as a lesser class. Whether this was how the sub-species of Humanity were treated is a matter of some debate, the Metahumans in this region of space rarely suffered from the prejudices that other genetically engineered people endured in Ashenar society and they had full access to cyberspace and nanoreplicators. This twisting of the facts may have been to create an enemy figure in the narrative of the surviving Memuls, in a universe gone insane and on a world where gigantic sexual beasts stalk it helps to have somebody to blame.
Although the Memuls are immune to the Erotic Beasts offworlders are not and a thriving if not disturbing trade in the tamed variety of beasts helps keep the economy of Memulihul afloat and warrants multiple wormhole links to the system. Adventure tourists (usually from the Community) come to Memulihul to risk serious injury and sexual violation to run with the Beasts on the plains of the world which has now leant its name to a whole sub-genre of pornography.



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