Clone Clade of the Final Six

25 08 2008

Clone Clade of the Final Six

Based on a misinterpretation of a millennial Terran science fiction series a posthuman from Sirius by the name of Genvec Balthar-Simmons (a 600 year old uploaded intellect who could claim to be a pivotal player in the ascendance of the Sirian Unity in the early Community) created a society of clones based on characters from the highly regarded but long forgotten media franchise. Genvec saw that the most cohesive and well ordered societies in the Community usually had a strong cultural narrative to hold the many differing individuals together, a common goal for everyone to work towards leaving no time for petty squabbles and bickering. This could take many forms, from more practical and obvious goals such as the terraforming of a planet and the founding of a unique culture (the Martian Narrative), a fight for recognition of a new polity and then military and economic domination of everyone who had ever crossed them (the American Narrative) or like Genvec’s plan, take a fictional memecomplex from an earlier time and then build a real society around it (such as the Klingon narrative of BD+20 1426.)

Though healthy genetic mutation and memetic drift has led to current generations straying from the original characters in the ancient series many aspects of the shows mythology and style pervade throughout the society today. Tales of the Fall of Ashenar and its relationship with the ancient peoples of Earth lie behind every mechanism in Final Six society, influencing everything from architecture, the design of combat drones to offensive language (perhaps Final Six’s biggest export.)
Although there is no definitive evidence of pre-Contact extra terrestrial contact aside from the Gardeners and certainly no evidence for any traveller from the LMC in the Milky Way since before the discovery of the Hadar Wormhole in 2892 AD there were enough conspiracy theories and honest mysteries for a narrative to be woven into this designer society. In a universe where multiple space faring human civilisations pop up in a galaxy 180,000 light years from Earth most agree that though the Clone Clade of the Final Six believe some pretty far out things, it is nothing compared to freaky stuff coming in from the depths of space to the news blogs every day.

Though some find the creation of sentient beings as part of some posthuman vanity project abhorrent few could argue that the society of the Clone Clade of Final Six is a failed or inherently doomed colony like earlier projects from the past Community millennium such as the disastrous Families of 71 Orionis and the morally questionable Walden Project. To avoid abuses of power by the creators the Clone Clade themselves are aware of their origin and view Genvec as a benevolent parental figure rather than a god. Rather than feel tricked or view themselves as somehow less valid than their uncloned brothers and sisters in the rest of the system the Final Six boast of the depth and wealth of their culture and of a society that has purpose and meaning as opposed to the vague memes and drifting fashions of other polities in the Community.

None the less certain militant and vocal political groups opposed to this kind of social engineering (usually from the libertarian/anarchist side of the spectrum) have launched many attacks on the society in the Cyberverse. Memetic onslaughts such as that unleashed by the “ANakaRi oF tHe BLaK drAGOn” in 2978AD were counter productive, making the people of the Final Six out to be victims, ridiculed and persecuted for their unusual lifestyle. In an interview with the re-animated digital consciousness of Apple Geldof IV (now up to 94% accuracy of the original celebrity) Genvec summarised that although he considered the Clone Clade to be a success and now advanced far beyond the need for him to tinker in their society any more he felt that with all the harassment and conflict he experienced we would be unlikely to do it again.

Rumours persist of Genvecs emigration to the Mellard Imperium where the more technologically advanced groups dominate and meddle in the affairs of those less fortunate persist and continue to throw a cloud over his work. This controversy is particularly worrying for the Final Six as they share a home system with refugees from nearby Gebbleon, a Mellard system which strongly urged all those it didn’t consider to be conducive with their new (and imposed) harmonious society to leave. The Fugees and the Clone Clade have always been on good terms with each other, amused and intrigued by each others cultures and both feeling like newcomers to the melting pot of the Community.
A recent (faked) message alleged to be from Genvec himself addressing his children and claiming that he would soon be back to bring the whole system into the Mellard Imperium and take for themselves the only viable planet in Vara Kaeku-Konnile. Vara Prime has been the home to the Fugees of Gebbleon for over 200 years and a world very much central to the Fugees own narrative.

Throw in the recent sightings of a Mazdan fleet waiting in the region to hurl down relativistic genocide on any number of systems on the Mellard/Community border and you have one of the more dangerous destinations in the Community (a fact the adventure tourism industry hasn’t failed to notice.)

Warrior Lesbians of Izpadisti.

10 08 2008

warrior lesbians

Fleeing persecution for their radical all femme society 2000 years ago in the more conservative parts of the Mellard Imperium this hardy band of technocratic feminists ventured into the justly named Dead Core. Based on cyber-pharmological visions of their venerated leader Raife Iz Raagmulker they cashed in all their wealth and bought a fleet of FTL capable ships and borderline legal nano-technological devices. Upon entering the system of promised system Izpadisti they discovered a vibrant and unheard of robot ecology left over from experiments in Ashenar times.
The bot ecology was suffering, without the guidance and purpose offered by humans they had fallen into a rut and transformed the rings of the major gas giants into billions of copies of their various forms. This bot pollution would have carried on until encountering a complexity cascade and spilling out grey goo into the larger system like a burst metal pustule.
Thankfully the Ultra-Femme technicians managed to translate ancient computer code and got talking with the processing nodes of the bots. Now that they understood and tamed the bots “farming” of the various bot designs churned out by the replicators in the planetary became commonplace though there was a lot of trash to wade through. Cybernetic evolution and replicating errors had produced robot designs of a redundant but bewilderingly varied types floating helplessly in space.
The bots pledged unswerving loyalty to their femme masters and started about building habitats on the moons of worlds like Iry and then developing individual droid companions for the Izpadistians with every imaginable device a modern woman needs (dildonic attachments have become an art form and are much prized outsystem)
All would have been well for the Izpadisti synergy of lesbian and robot until raiders from a sub-light ark ship unleashed a barrage of antimatter weapons into the Mastortiver 412 planetary system killing over a million Izpadistis before they were beaten back by the auotmatic defense systems. The assault cost both sides dearly and the normally pacifist Izpadistis were forced to embrace the masculine world of violence and power when linking in with their newly developed bot wardogs and combat drones. The second phase of the raiders attack involved the unusual step of raping and plundering the inhabitants of Mastortiver 412 themselves. In the aftermath of the initial antimatter attack surviving Izpadistis were shell shocked and unable to offer much resistance to the invaders, it was unusal for such a vicious attack to be followed up by an attempted at manned invasion. Normally that level of violence signified the invaders wanted to obliterate their opponent, not subjugate them. It became apparent soon after the radiers landed that they subscribed to some ancient fertility cult under some mission from their god to spread their genetically perfect seed into even unwilling females (talk of genetic purity and lust for adventure fuel links to Nuur clans to this day.)
When help finally arrived from Izpadisti A the drones were driven to a blind revenge lust from the reaction of their synchronised femme pilots. Showing that rage and vengence are not exclusive to either sex, not one raider was left alive in the Mastortiver 412 system and the Izpadistis mercilessly chased the fertility cult back to the home ark ship hiding out in the binary systems Oort Cloud
Since that orgy of violence the Izpadistis have developed a militaristic culture of honour and contempt for the brutal and venal male world outside of the mother system (ignoring the irony that they have very much become the type of culture they hate.) Duels for love and honour are common though rarely fatal, a humiliating scar or severed body part is worn with shame by the loser for a week before surgery to heal scars and reattach limbs is performed.
The Izpadistis xenophobic and violently defensive nature has led them to dominate nearby systems as a precaution against further aggression.For the most part the Izpadistis keep very much to themselves in these “Protectorates”, the locals sometimes thankful for the protection and sometimes enticed by the Izpadisti culture of violence and sexual adventurism with their dildonic servants. Despite their fearsome nature and recent rumours of uncovered Ashenar superweapons the Izpadistis are still sometime harassed by sexual interest from travellers afar who have become addicted to the lurid and rarely authentic Izpadisti porn which is currently the fashion in the Greater Networks.

Zombie Apocalypse

10 08 2008

zombie apocalypse

Sysum : Terrestrial world near Prastoj which was predominately run along communist lines. The posthumans, for reasons known only to themselves unleashed a nano-virus which turned infected into mindless meat puppets intent on spreading the virus further. The zombie plague although not actually reanimating the dead reduced a persons intellect to that of a drunken ape by causing the death of the part of the brain responsible for higher reasoning and general self awareness (“I think therefore I am”) and also bestowed incredible resilience to pain and injury hence the impression that the dead had taken over the world.
Due to Sysums largely peaceful and communist nature the virus spread quickly as the average citizen didn’t have firearms to protect themselves and relied too much on the State to protect them. The government collapsed under such chaos and soon only isolated communities (some of whom were seen as barbaric and backward due to their survivalist nature before the zombie plagues) and the few colonies in space survived. The Spacers inhabited three torus style stations, a rudimentary space elevator and high prestige bases on two of Sysums moons. The few thousand who dwelled in space were considered the cream of the crop of the Party’s ideal, plus a few brilliant eccentrics who the State felt would be better placed away from the general population.

The communist spacers decided to sterilise the world using dirty bombs to clear the vast swarms of zombies, much to the horror of the few uninfected survivors and the odd weapon toting eccentric who hadn’t been placed under arrest by “emergency measures.”
Whilst debate hotly ensued in space down below the zombies had started to spread out from the cities in search of food , as civilisation collapsed there was no-one to resupply the government supermarkets or work the fields. During this exodus a dirty bomb was detonated over the most densely populated continent wiping out the zombies and many survivors too. The spacers were shown the error of their ways when a final radio transmission from an isolated community barricaded up in the capital of the continent was received lamenting the fact they had come so far in the zombie apocalypse only to be killed by their own kind.
After that tragedy it was decided to let things run their course and the planet was quarantined but for the ocean based terminal at the space elevator (although the survivor communities were eventually supported by supply drops from orbit) eventually the zombies , not being great at keeping a civilisation going started to die off.
In the following centuries while Sysum rebuilt itself the actual cause of the catastrophe was uncovered. Not only was the nano-viral nature of the plague revealed but also the method in which it came to Sysum in the first place, five “meteorites” that hit the world shortly before the chaos started. This fact and combined with Sysums now passionately survivalist nature (personal firearms were carried as a matter of everyday life and eventually became a fashion accessory) led to Sysums ascendance as a regional military power. When the wormhole to Mundessentlitz was rediscovered a massive armament program began as the Sysums believe who-ever was responsible for the horrors that had befallen them would be out there in the depths of space. Dominating the region (even defiantly resisting Mellard subversion) they eventually tracked down those responsible and led a powerful allied fleet to Prastoj in revenge.
After much preparation the battle was hard fought with the Prastoj only just managing to defeat the Allied fleet. The Allies even managed to infect the suspected artificial world of Artefact Terrus with a reverse engineered zombie virus (despite much public unease with its development and use) which had little effect on the posthumans and led to the Sysum alliance being shunned by the wider galaxy for using the verboten technology.
By the time the Community came onto the scene the Sysum Alliance though militarily strong had lost a number of its members and was in the grip of a recession brought about by the trade sanctions and destruction of much of its once mighty fleet.
In the interests of regional stability and having sympathy for the plight of Sysum (despite having reservations about its militarism) the Community has is currently working on trade and cultural links, also keen to have military allies in the volatile region and making a bold (and some would argue empty) pledge to bring the posthumans responsible for the zombie virus to justice.

11 Channels of real-time authentic WWII style war from the Cloud. Just like Stalingrad in Space!

9 08 2008

Like something out of Childhoods End Community starships lowered themselves over the five main capital cities on this war torn low tech planet. Their aim was to prevent genocide, millions of people on the planet had been herded up into camps in squalid conditions and it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened.
The Community debated long and hard, in fact the passions involved as billions gave their opinions in the Noosphere were so high that it became a meme in itself. Polite conversation extended the “no religion, no politics” rule to include “And definitely no Astcomelhirst Debate!”
Because the debate had raged for so long millions had already died in the bitter fighting between continents and the WWII fans were lapping up every minute as vast tank armies lumbered over grassland and jet propelled suicide bombers piloted their way over the oceans to their unwitting targets.
In a manoeuvre that cost him his career but everybody was secretly glad brought a resolution to the tiresome issue the commander of the Alnairian Cruiser “Beautiful? Kiss My Fucking Ass!” flew his ship towards Astcomelhirst to intervene in a particularly grisly scene of oppression and violence that had already cost the life of one agent on the ground and was about to kill hundreds live on the Web.
The warring nations of Astcomelhirst were presented with a situation right out of the pages of 20th century science fiction, they not only found out they were not alone in the universe (the ancient legends were true!) but their space brothers were remarkably pissed off with their current behaviour.
Whilst the cultural singularity was settling on Astcomelhirst and its inhabitants experience that (thankfully) rare of phenomena an Outside Context Problem it was revealed that the Community weren’t the only Superpower manipulating things on the ground. While Community agents had been busy trying to bring peace and understanding between the warring nation-tribes the Nuur Clans had been cultivating war to breed harsh new warriors, the sort of minds not dulled by modern comforts to the thoughts of killing, the sort of killer instinct needed in the eternal struggle against the Alien.
Astcomelhirst never ceases to be out the news, first the debate on intervention which gets almost as much discussion as the Unified Origin Theory and then the political intrigue and threats of interstellar war that makes Astcomelhirst one of the flashpoints along the Community/Nuur Clan border.
As for the Astcomelhirsts themselves, life was so much more straight forward during the war…..

The Erotic Beasts of Memulihul

8 08 2008

The Erotic Beasts of Memulihul were legendary even in Ashenar times. Using exotic pheromones and inter-species sexuality some delusional genetic hobbyist created a whole group of species who use sex as a weapon. Just before the Nanopocalypse these beasts were released into the wilds of the tidally locked world and caused sexy havoc amongst the population as the chaos of the Devils attack came down on ancient Memulihul.
Being a Metahuman world a fair few of the residents survived the destruction, their almost human bodies were spared from being devoured by grey goo although the experience of the insanity of those times left their impression on the surviving Memuls (add to that the horror of seeing people copulate then be consumed or enslaved by the Erotic Beasts as all Civilisation collapsed around them.)
Quickly developing a genetic resistance to the Beasts advances the surviving Memuls grew to view them with a wary respect. In the skewered histories of Memulihul the Erotic Beasts came to be part of the salvation from the decadent and oppressive “True Humans” of Ashenar times who had viewed the adapted Memuls as a lesser class. Whether this was how the sub-species of Humanity were treated is a matter of some debate, the Metahumans in this region of space rarely suffered from the prejudices that other genetically engineered people endured in Ashenar society and they had full access to cyberspace and nanoreplicators. This twisting of the facts may have been to create an enemy figure in the narrative of the surviving Memuls, in a universe gone insane and on a world where gigantic sexual beasts stalk it helps to have somebody to blame.
Although the Memuls are immune to the Erotic Beasts offworlders are not and a thriving if not disturbing trade in the tamed variety of beasts helps keep the economy of Memulihul afloat and warrants multiple wormhole links to the system. Adventure tourists (usually from the Community) come to Memulihul to risk serious injury and sexual violation to run with the Beasts on the plains of the world which has now leant its name to a whole sub-genre of pornography.