30 05 2008


A worldroof hi tech civilisation totally sterlized of human life during the Nanopocaylpse. Luckily for the millions of wealthy inhabitants the world was installed with the latest in “Angelnet” devices. Although the utility fog and legobots were unable to stop the carnage many Apunttas managed to upload their consciousness into the central hub before everything shut down.
In the post apocalypse low tech travelers took up residence on the totally depopulated world, unaware of the millions of digitised souls waiting in storage beneath their bare feet. True to their parent culture the new Apunttas soon forgot their outer space origins and turned to living a simple hunter gather life supplemented by a generous and seemingly self aware world that always provided fruit and narcotic seed pods when they so desired. Indeed, such abundance was harmful to such a simple culture. Their lives completely without struggle and not having a sophisticated enough culture to provide other distractions and give purpose to life beyond necessity the New Apunttas declined into a solipsistic society.
With the dangers in the rest of the system scaring off any external influence for millenia it wasn’t until the Community arrived that things changed to shake the New Apunttas out of their waking dream. Wary to interfere with the low tech tribes despite the hi tech nature of the world only a few anthropologists and other academic groups ventured down onto the world.
Naturally the New Apunttas were unable to comprehend the notion that people from “beyond the sky” could exist and thought these rather odd strangers to be from the other side of the moon. Things changed forever when the famous Ashenarologist Unbanks Idaho arrived on the world, carrying tales of a lost hub of souls. On the run from a mysterious and ancient cult who charged themselves with preventing the awakening of millions of Ashenar period minds from their “blessed and eternal slumber” Unbanks managed through skill and cunning (and some firepower) to negate the hubs defenses using codes obtained in another adventure in the Entall system.
By the time he had managed to work his way into the antechamber of the hub not only had the “Guardians of Eternal Sleep” caught up with him and his colleagues but so had much of Community media, caught by tales of adventure and archeology from a dashing hero (already Unbanks sometimes disagreeable personality was being polished remoulded for the entertainment of billions back home.)
Bringing the central AI out of sleep mode in a maneuver that sadly cost the life of one of his friends the old Apunttas began to awake, and they immediately demanded their bodies back!
What follows was perhaps a more modern tale of the perils of fame, the practicalities of creating synthetic bodies for millions of formerly wealthy and impatient Ashenars who were expecting biological ones and the near war that is breaking out over who gets access to Ashenar technologies capable of bringing back the dead (or just creating an Army of Me.)
Life is never as simple as the Movies…….

25 05 2008

“…so I work in nano-template solutions, in particular cleansing the biospheres of Dead Core worlds. You see not a lot of people know this but the accumulation of all that nano in the system for so long creates deposits of hazardous material. It happens every day but in such small
quantities so as to be irrelevant but left over time, like the 10,000 years since the time of the Ashenars”
“EXCUSE ME!” I royally interrupted, “could you not network when I’m fucking your wife?! It’s really off-putting!”